Accelerating family home retrofitting with a cost neutral, on-tax, end-to-end solution in The Netherlands

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To combat energy poverty, facilitate broad participation in the energy transition, and promote alternative heating solutions, the FITHOME project introduces in the Netherlands the GVR - Municipal Sustainability Scheme. The GVR is a collaboration between De Woonpas, municipalities, retrofitting companies and financiers.

The GVR removes all barriers for homeowners for them to participate in the energy transition and retrofit their home without an upfront investment. For the execution of the GVR, each municipality works together with a local partner (GVR operator). During an extensive home inspection, it is determined which retrofitting measures are possible among insulation, replacement of windows and installation of solar panels. The local GVR operator takes care of the execution. 

Expected savings on energy bills are about the same amount of the fixed local tax and, during the term of the GVR, the savings will increase as a result of rising energy prices and inflation. Participating homeowners thus benefit from a sustainable future-proof home and decreasing energy costs from day one.

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25 Oct 2023

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