Power UP

Social energy services - co-designing communities with people in energy poverty

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Regional and local public authorities have a strong role in fighting energy poverty. In the context of the current energy crisis, it is imperative that cities go beyond their planning role and sustain the creation of local energy market players, such as municipal companies or energy communities, with a social agenda. This is the main aim of the POWER UP project.

Pilot schemes will be developed in five locations across Europe: Eeklo (Belgium), Heerlen (the Netherlands), municipalities in the Campania area (Italy), in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm (Czech Republic) and Valencia (Spain). Furthermore, in North Macedonia, we will explore the possibility of replicating these schemes and building capacity among the local stakeholders. 

Innovative social governance will be explored and new business models will be co-created with energy-poor households and local stakeholders (cities, social organisations, energy utilities, citizen energy communities, etc.), leading to at least 2,5 Million EUR investment in sustainable energy before the project ends and involving more than 55 000 energy-poor consumers. 

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25 Oct 2023

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