Solar Impulse Foundation

The City of Amsterdam and its technology partner unveil the keys to successful implementation

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The Solar Impulse Foundation focuses on identifying and promoting clean, profitable and efficient solutions to address environmental challenges. Its mission is to accelerate the adoption of cleantech and push public and private decision makers to be leaders with a pioneering spirit.

In this session, the city of Amsterdam and its technology partner will tell how they implemented a combined blue-green roof and efficient solar panels in the city:

  • How was the collaboration established?
  • How did they finance it and what is the result? The return on investment, planet and people?
  • How to further develop and upscale technology globally

This will help the participant of the session:

  • Learn about a new approach of collaboration that shows that change is possible for a better quality of life.
  • Understand how such a project is implemented from the city’s and technology partner’s side of the story
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25 Oct 2023

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