Iva Merheim-Eyre

Habitat for Humanity

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Iva Merheim-Eyre is working with Habitat for Humanity and a Research Fellow of the Association For Foreign Affairs. Her professional focus is in the field of democracy support and sustainable development challenges. Her work is largely geographically focused on countries of the Central and Eastern Europe.

Between 2019 and 2021, she led the Energy Poverty Work Package in a EU Horizon 2020 funded project "SMARTER Finance for Families" implementing Green Homes & Green Mortgage programs in 23 countries worldwide. Iva coordinated research, advocacy and campaigning activities of the consortium in the area of green finance solutions for low-income households in the EU and beyond. As of 2023 she leads a similar work package in a follow up project "SMARTER for EU", where she uses her experience with energy poverty solutions at municipal level to support Ukrainian cities in their preparations for post-war reconstruction of housing stock for vulnerable families.

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25 Oct 2023