Marie Apostolaki

Expert at Department of Climate Change and Energy Planning, Region of Crete

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Maria is a technical expert for Energy, in the Department of Climate Change and Energy Planning of the Region of Crete, which she joined in 2008. In her latest role, which she has held for eight years, Maria deals with the strategic energy planning and the major energy issues of Crete, she coordinates EU energy Projects (such as REBUS, CLEAN and SHERPA) that address energy transition in Crete from different perspectives and has also coordinated the energy pillar in the implementation of the Regional Specialization Strategy of Crete (RIS3Crete). 

She also she works very closely with the public and private stakeholders, aiming to promote energy efficiency, low carbon emissions strategies, and renewable energy and to accelerate a just energy transition to a low-carbon Region through the improvement of energy efficiency, energy saving and renewable energy projects. 

In her previous roles with the Region of Crete, Maria's duties included the assessment of environmental studies, environmental audits, and protection of surface, underground and coastal water.

Maria has graduated from the Technical University of Crete with a Diploma in Environmental Engineering and a Master of Science in Environmental and Sanitary Engineering.

After completing her studies, she worked as a freelancer in the field of RES projects development and their Environmental Impact Assessment, for three years, before joining the Region of Crete.

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25 Oct 2023